Why you should hire a car accident attorney

One of the most terrible experiences that a person can go through in life is getting involved in a car or truck accident. The effects are horrible physically, emotionally and even financially. It is for this reason that car accident attorneys come in. They help you to reduce stress while having to deal with all these and concentrate on just recovering.

Below are some of the reasons why you should really consider hiring one in Pittsburgh or anywhere else.

Property damage

Loss or damage of property is almost inevitable in the case of a car accident. You will therefore have to seek payment either from your insurance company or from the driver’s company who is at fault. An attorney will help you in pursuing a substantial claim as he or she has the knowledge of the law and understands the procedure in making these claims.


Injury that results from truck or car accidents needs immediate medical attention not only for recovery, but also as a proof that it was as a result of an accident if you want your bills covered for you. The payment can be covered by your own insurance policy or the liability cover of the driver at fault. As car accident attorneys are experienced in working with insurance providers, they will be beneficial to you as not only will they ensure that you get the highest settlement amounts from the insurance company, but also get you compensation for general damages that may have otherwise been difficult, such as trauma and suffering.

Statute of limitations

There’s only a limited time under which a person can file a claim for compensation for damage to property and injury that resulted from an accident by a car or a truck. This is the statute of limitations and accident attorneys are familiar with them. Therefore,  your Pittsburgh truck accident attorneys would be of help on advising you whether your claim is valid and on any limits that can bar you from filing a lawsuit. Also, if there are any exceptions that are special to the statute of limitations, such as when a minor is involved, the attorney will advise you accordingly.

Ease the burden

The time and energy involved in making all these claims can be quite burdensome. A Pittsburgh truck accident attorney will obtain the proof fundamental to support your claim, gather necessary reports, lost wage information and even deal with defense attorneys on your behalf.

Advocates for you

An attorney will ensure your story is heard before the judges so that you are properly compensated for the losses you incurred as a result of the accident. In case of death, Pittsburgh wrongful death attorneys will help you gain maximum compensation for losing a loved one. Check at Bernard M. Tully, Attorney at Law

Car accident attorneys are very important in the event of an accident as they will not only advise you on the legal path to follow for you to claim compensation, but they will also ease the burden for you and ensure you benefit maximally from your claim as you recover.

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