Etiquette that make buffet systems effective and famous in Pattaya

If you have any social event such as a holiday business meeting, wedding or party, it is obvious that you will serve food to the guests and friends who attend. With this in mind, you can either choose to have buffet or table food service. However, buffer services have become popular today since they suit lifestyles in the modern world. Many people prefer having buffet services in large gatherings while table service remains methodical in small parties. If you watch closely how buffet in Pattaya is set and served, you will notice there are etiquette that people in this area observe while serving food. According to the buffet etiquette observed in this place, you should not:

Assume the tongs

It is unethical to pick or grab bread slices, sausages, chocolates or cucumbers among other pieces with your fingers when there are tongs for that purpose. Although kids in such great gatherings may be ignorant to use tongs, it is a moral requirement for adults to use tongs to pick what they want. Those who organize and set buffets would hardly forget tongs because they know the health benefits behind using them. If you use your fingers to grab food pieces, you may in the minds of some people present damage your public image beyond repair.

Allow your kids to queue alone

Parents need to understand that kids cannot adhere to these buffet etiquette for a long time. After you make them aware about the rules they should observe during buffet service, they might completely forget everything the next minute. In fact, any buffet in Pattaya is tempting to kids especially if fruits, cakes, crudités and nuts are visible and within reach. As a parent, you should always escort your kids to the buffet line and keep reminding them what they should do and what they should avoid.

Queue with your pet

Many people appreciate their pets such as kittens and puppies so much that they can go with them anywhere at any time. You need to know that not everyone you meet in such gatherings is positive about pets. Some of the people invited for the event may have reserved dislikes for pets based on their culture and religion. Queuing with your pet to serve buffet may interfere with the appetite of other people and this may not give the host party a professional image to their invited guests.

Use the same plate the next round

Obviously, you will get a clean plate, folk and spoon you should use to serve food. The plate you use in the first round should not serve a second round. If you still need some more food, you should pick another clean plate and leave the one you had already used at the plate collection area. You should always be conscious about this rule every time you are serving food in any buffet in Pattaya.

Serve food gluttonously

The nature of most buffets tempts most people to serve more than they can consume. In fact, some people want to taste every type of food present at the buffet dining. However, you should know what you want to eat and the amount you would consume without wastage. Again, avoid loading up your serving plate without having those behind you in mind because it’s rude.

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