Choosing the solicitous ring for your beloved

One of the most significant investments involved in a marriage is engagement rings. Even though these rings are not an absolute necessity, many couples still prefer to maintain this tradition of wedding. Normally, the would-be grooms purchase the designer engagement rings for their love of life and present it while proposing for marriage. However, today this particular task has become a both-sided endeavour, and both the bride and the groom actively take part in the engagement ring purchasing process.

Brief background:

The engagement ring was originally made use of centuries ago when marriage was a commercial practice more than uniting two souls forever. In those times, the rings were given to serve two purposes: First, as a payment for the would-be bride and secondly, as a mere sign of the groom’s truthful and sincere intentions. It was in Italy during the middle ages when diamond engagement rings were made a part of the engagement ceremony as a symbol of honest and enduring love.

Today it is widely used by many aspiring grooms to seek the hand of their beloved to become the betrothed. While there are countless options of readymade engagement rings available, many people today tend to look for the designer engagement rings as a token of love that has no replication.

Popular types of engagement rings:

There are several types of engagement rings available, which can be easily incorporated in designing a customised engagement ring.

# Cathedral rings are one of the most stylish and elegant pieces that feature the graceful arches of a classic cathedral. A diamond or any other exclusive gemstone is placed on the ring with the metal arches that form a raised platform for the stone.

# Halo engagement rings can also be a perfect choice and are a mark of brilliance. It is a ring with a large eye-catching gemstone or diamond placed in the middle with a collection of micro pave or round pave diamonds encircling the large piece of stone.

# Solitaires are arguably the most popular variety of engagement rings. These have a large piece of diamond or other precious gemstones, and regarded as an iconic symbol of love and commitment.

You can easily add your special touch with all these popular designs of engagement rings, and a reputed jewellery store would help you materialise your plans. If you wish to include diamonds in the designer ring, it is imperative to know the different popular cuts of diamond.

Round diamonds: The round cut diamond is a widespread shape of diamond and comprises about 75 percent of all diamonds sold worldwide. It is comparatively superior to other fancy cuts because of its ability to reflect light properly and maximise potential brightness.

Princess cut diamonds: This particular cut of diamond which first evolved in 1980, is in vogue. This fancy shape is especially used in designer engagement rings. It is well suited in working with any design and style of ring.

Cushion cut diamonds: This cut is achieved by combining the square cut with rounded corners that forms the shape of a pillow from which the name is derived. This classic and elegant cut has been available for two centuries. This cut has evolved a lot, and the standard of this cut is different than most other cuts leaving a room to dictate the personal choice of the buyer.

An engagement ring will serve as a reminder of your first step towards a happy and blissful life, and so you should be considerate about all the aspects before setting out for the venture.

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