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A basic guide to buying metal detectors

There are few people in the world who haven’t walked through the metal detectors, be it in the shopping malls, movie theatres, airport, banks or some places of historical interest. These are mainly used as a means of safety precaution and ensure that you are walking into a safe area where every person has passed through the same stringent detector. These invariably make every person feel protected.

Metal detectors can be practically used in colleges, office buildings or any other place to create that overwhelming feeling of safety. People who are in charge of these detectors can control who can enter a particular area and what that person can bring along.


Many scientists and engineers towards the end of the nineteenth century with their knowledge of electrical theory tried to fabricate a device that could detect metal. Those machines were primitive and they utilised a lot of battery and worked only to some extent. In 1874, a Parisian inventor names Gustave Trouve designed a hand made held machine that could locate and extract metal objects like bullets or bombs on a human body. The modern development of metal detectors steadily began from the 1920s, and today modern models are completely computerised and use integrated circuits that allow the user to fit the sensitivity, discrimination, track speed, notch filters, threshold volume, etc. and keep those parameters in memory for future reference. Modern detectors are much lighter, consume less battery, power, deeper seeking and can discriminate better compared with the ones available just ten years back. Check Treasureland Detectors fore more details.


The metal detectors are widely used in the following fields:

These detectors are used for archaeological purposes to detect treasures. Not only that, they are even used for hobby activities such as coin shooting, prospecting, which means searching for precious metals like silver, copper and even gold in their natural forms like flake or nuggets, beach combing, which is hunting for lost coins on any beach. It is most importantly used for security screening and in industrial metal detecting.


This detector is made of an oscillator that can produce an alternating current passing through a coil which creates an alternating magnetic field. This implies that when an electronically conductive metal comes in close proximity with the detector, it creates eddies of air causing a change in the magnetic field, enabling the operator to detect the sources of the metal. Handheld detectors are commonest ones and are used in a majority of the cases. Even landmines can be distinguished with the use of handheld detectors with pre-installed whites accessories.

In order to keep your detector device safe and sound, it must be kept in proper teknetics accessories such as a control box which is suitable for keeping the detectors or coil covers to protect the coil in operation. If the detector is employed with hi-tech xp accessories like deus lite coil, or xp deus headphones, then it can increase the functionality of the detectors by a few times.

The handheld detectors are far more affordable compared to the walk-through detectors and can identify the presence of metallic objects that can be potentially dangerous. However, the walk-through machines are much more convenient and efficient, and you can use both in order to maximise safety in the vulnerable areas. For more information, just visit us at HTTP://WWW.TREASURELANDDETECTORS.CO.UK/

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Fundraising for Charity is no more a difficult task

Many people, who work for the cause of charity, find fundraising for charities a difficult task. It is an accepted fact that in order to raise the funds you will have to spend a considerable amount of time and talk to various sectors and people, convince them and then collect the money. Now, this task is made easy; thanks to the innovative software, exclusively developed for the purpose by some of the leading software agencies like the UK charity marketing agency. The agencies are specialized in developing platform that enables you to ‘strategically plan’ your charity campaign and needless to say raise the funds for the cause of charity.

UK charity marketing agency2

Easy to reach the target donor:

For this purpose, agencies like the UK charity marketing agency, have come out with software that has adopted what is known as ‘face to face’ fundraising procedure. This strategy helps in building a direct link with the target donors and thereafter to harness this link to build up a very useful dialogue with the donor. In fact, for the last few years, these agencies are exclusively working on this platform, and it has given them quite encouraging results.

The interesting operational mechanism adopted by the UK charity marketing agency and other agencies are briefly explained here:

·        Tablet and mobile compatible: True to the present trend in marketing, the UK Fundraising agency now attempts to contact the target donor through popular modes like the mobile phone, tablet and such other means. Naturally, this method will considerably enhance the donor base, and it becomes a very convenient method of reaching the target donors. As a matter of fact, the marketing agencies claim, their efforts in this direction have given them encouraging results. The software is so designed, it gives you real time insight into the details of signups, details of funds so far raised and various related fields.

·        Effective campaigning: Campaigning forms an essential ingredient of any fundraising activity. The software is so devised that you will be able to get the necessary data from every campaigner. You just design the data sheet, and the rest is taken care of by the software. In fact, experts call this a wonderful approach because this procedure helps the field workers as they need not spend time in collating the data. The software also validates bank advises and accurately captures donor’s signature.

·        Freedom for field workers: The field workers can make use of the software and send a ‘Thanking SMS’ to the donors. The SMS can include details like the purpose for which the donation was collected, the amount, date when the amount was collected and so on. In addition to this, the software developed by agencies like the UK charity marketing ensures that every donation is acknowledged through an ‘auto email’ to every donor.

·        Retain the donor: in some cases, the donor may cancel his sign up. In such cases, the UK charity marketing agency will contact the donor and find out why the donor has withdrawn. Such interaction can bring back some of the donors.


As already said, fundraising for charity has now become an easy task because it has reduced the burden on the field workers.

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