Aluminium Extrusions for Structural Applications in Thailand

One of the reasons why aluminium in Thailand is a growing industry is because of its limitless profiles used by diverse users. Unlike steel or even titanium which have limited standard profiles, aluminium has so many uses and can even be transformed in the most complex of shapes. This ability to be extruded into various complex shapes makes it possible to tailor the Aluminium extrusion process into various custom uses. It can be applied in part consolidation and in eliminating various secondary joining processes which are likely to contribute to structural weaknesses. Aluminium is, therefore, a much-preferred material for use in various structural applications where its strength and durability offer a great advantage.

Due to this high level of flexibility as well as the ability to be morphed into various shapes, very little secondary machining is generally required on aluminium profiles and even those machining operations themselves which are performed on the profiles are also less complicated.  Designers working with these profiles can only add materials where it is structurally required and this is generally in very few places. The end result is that the extrusion products of aluminium in Thailand will reduce the amount of material that needs to be machined away or milled. It is a process that eventually cuts down on the cost of parts and this why it is a popular option in the design and manufacture of the OEM parts too.

The extrusion processes can be easily applied in manufacturing custom-built structures as well as material-handling systems that are used in various areas. They offer several advantages such as the ease of assembly and disassembly. The extrusion process can produce modular products which can be used in enhancing various machine parts. For manufacturers, these versatile products help in enhancing automation and they can also make critical parts of many systems integrators.

The extrusion process for aluminium in Thailand also adds value. The products that come from the process are generally more durable and have an enhanced strength. They have greater reliability, adaptability and it is possible to realise virtually any size and shape. Some areas where these are most commonly applied include the automotive industry such as in the OEM parts, various structural applications, marine applications as well as industrial machine applications.

Creating Structural Aluminium Products

The process of creating the structural Aluminium products results in products which are quite dependable. It is particularly effective when it comes to manufacturing products which must have uniform cross-sectional areas. There are many benefits that can be unlocked from these kinds of structural aluminium applications which are manufactured in Thailand. These include the following:

  • The process is highly cost-effective and as a result, most companies can afford it.
  • The resulting structural products will be resistant to corrosion and can last for many years to come.
  • There is a high strength to weight ratio which makes them quite ideal for structural applications.
  • You can realise a great variety of shapes and sizes in your aluminium extrusion products
  • They have great thermal adaptability
  • They also have excellent electrical as well as thermal conductivity.

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